Writing: Love What You Do, Do What You Love

I've always loved writing but I was discouraged at an early age. What about you?

“It’s okay honey. You just aren’t very good at math (or place your subject here)."

Is this something that you heard in your childhood? Yup, me too. I loved science but my teachers told me that it would probably be too tough for me to study. They gave me a test in the ninth grade that was supposed to guide me towards my future occupation. My results showed that my best bet was the secretarial field. Gee, thanks!

Do you know what that does to a kid? That single test put a lot of baggage on me. I decided to go to college anyway and study architecture. Why? I really don’t know. After two years of painful struggling, I discovered that I was dyslexic. This was the late 1980’s and there wasn’t much help out there.

I transferred to a small junior college and my dad found a study program that had been advertised on TV. With the help of that program (Where There’s a Will There’s an A) and my own sheer stubbornness, I pulled my grades up to almost perfect. I even made straight A’s in a college trigonometry class.
After a couple of years of working (in a secretarial position) I gathered up the courage to return to college. I earned a BA in History and Museum Studies and then life went into hyper-drive.

I Always Wanted to be a Writer

I always wanted to be a writer; however, that was one of those subjects the teachers told me I just wasn’t very good at. Who is at 12 years of age?! So, I spent years as a closet writer and rarely shared my craft except for a few writing classes.

I did a lot of writing in college and immediately after; however, when I started building my family, my writing was put on hiatus. Several years ago I made my triumphant return to writing as a freelance writer and I love it! Often, I get to let my quirky personality shine through my words.

If you love writing but worry that you aren't very good or that people might not "get you." Stop worrying and just write! Write because you love to write and I promise you will find your audience.

This is a mishmash of my journeys, revelations and writing. I’m really into flash fiction these days and I’ve always been a fan of the serial novel. I welcome you to join me so maybe we can share support for living life just the way we want to live it.

It's Your Life!

If someone tells you that you aren’t cut out for something but you really want to do it…do it anyway! It’s your life.

One thing I discovered in my travels: I am very good at helping kids who have wiring issues (learning disabilities) find work-arounds for reading, spelling and math. I’ve helped many kids including my own daughter and son to overcome the struggles of dyslexia and autism.

I always like showing the kids I work with, the paintings of Picasso. His early works were dictated by art school standards and were in the classical style. After his 20’s Picasso’s work morphed into his famous cubist style for which he became legendary. Many didn’t understand his cubist works but those paintings are some of the most valuable paintings in the world. One sold for $104 million dollars.

If you love what you do, it will transform into great success.

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