Simple Blue Jeans Alteration - Just Like the Professionals

I have a simple blue jeans alteration that you can use to quickly shorten your favorite blue jeans and keep that factory sewn and seasoned hem at the bottom. It is best to have a serger to complete this alteration but it isn't necessary. If you are using a sewing machine to stitch the hem, make sure that you use a heavy duty needle made for woven fabrics. If you use a needle that is too small, it may break when you try to sew over the seams.

This first picture shows a pair of jeans with their original hem. We will be shortening this length by half of an inch.

Next, you will fold up the bottom of the jeans so that the bottom (raw edge) of the original factory hem is at the line that you have chosen for the new length. Pin your hem in place.

I chose to sew a straight stitch along the new hemline (just above the raw edge of the factory hem) with my sewing machine before I move to the serger. This is just a quirk I have and it is not necessary. You can stitch the new hem line with the serger.

You will want to use a serger to finish the hem because it will trim and encase the cut edge of the new hem so you don't have the fabric unraveling in the wash over time. If you don't have a serger, try to trim the extra fabric with a pair of pinking shears.
When you are finished sewing the new hem, trim and secure your thread. Next turn your new hem out to the right side. You can either finger press the new hem or steam press it. You will find that after each wash, it will be the natural tendency of the jeans hem to flip up. This can be quickly cured by a quick finger pressing.

Simple blue jeans alteration in 15 Minutes or Less!

This simple blue jeans alteration is one that can be done in the space of about 15 minutes or less. It is professional looking and usually goes undetected.

Since my life is super busy, I usually only have time for quick sewing projects these days. I will share as many as I can so, RSS my blog to find out when I've posted something new! Right now I am working on dog beds made of old blue jeans and stuffed with cedar chips. I'll le t you know how they turn out.

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