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In search of homeschool advice, are you? (As Yoda would say) Are you wondering if homeschooling is for you or have you already begun your adventure but are feeling a little overwhelmed or lost? Don't worry....we got this! I began homeschooling my children in 2004 and at that time I didn't know what “type” of homeschooling we were going to do I just knew that I had a dyslexic daughter in second grade that wasn't allowed to check out books from the school library above her  “Kindergarten reading level.”

She would come home frustrated and crying and having to follow up with her copious homework was torture. When the school wouldn't help me make a learning plan for her, I took her out and had her tested myself. Once I had a grasp on what she could handle and what she needed help with, I began retraining her in reading and math. Within the first year, she was excelling in every subject we tackled. No more tears!

You've Come to the Right Place for Homeschool Advice

Whether you are dealing with kids that have learning difficulties or just free spirits, homeschooling is the best choice for raising independent, strong, and intelligent kids. Here on my website, you will find an assortment of assists and advice and sometimes just some genuine camaraderie.

If This Hippy Dippy Geeky Chick Can Do It....

My husband, daughter, and I are high functioning dyslexics and my son is a high functioning autistic. I like to say that we are all running on different operating systems than the norm. The great thing about dyslexia is the ability to think outside the box. We have always been skillful at approaching ideas from new angles and finding creative solutions.

Do You Have an Interest in Unschooling?

My approach to homeschooling has always been a bit of an unschooling approach seasoned with geek culture. Yes, I have used curriculum like Easy Grammar and Singapore Math but I've also been known to write my own course work. One example of this is the Basics of Computer Science online classes that I now offer. These courses were created from years of teaching computer science to my kids and others. These courses are great as STEM curriculum and students new to computers won't get lost in crazy terminology or arcane computer languages.

Can geek culture be used for homeschooling? Yes, my daughter became a WWII history buff  after discovering the Hetalia series of  anime books!

Homeschooling High School, It Can Be Done!

I am currently homeschooling my baby. He is 14 now. My daughter graduated in 2015 and is in college now on a full scholarship. I have survived parent taught driver's ed and ACT prep among other things. I hear too many parents fear that they can't handle teaching high school homeschool but don't worry...if I can survive it, so can you. And remember, I'm always here and available for discussion and homeschool advice.

Online Computer Science Courses

Do you have a student that is interested in computer science but is afraid to take the plunge? Have them try my painless Basics of Computer Science Courses!

Computer Science Course FAQ

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