Our Home Repair Adventures

Home repair, for us, is a constant adventure. Our house is 70 years old and as I've mentioned before, it has some major additions that apparently weren't constructed to code. We are constantly having to do major house repairs by the seat of our pants. It is really like an episode of Star Trek around here. It seems like we are always mere moments away from complete annihilation. Although we don't fear Klingons...our biggest enemies are gravity, time, etc...

You may live in a house similar to ours and are wondering how to approach home repair (or how not to); either way I share regularly our latest events. These also can prove to be very entertaining. The type of DIY home triage that we perform is done due to lack of time and money. Please understand, if our situation was different, we would definitely be calling repair people to do these jobs for us. In other words, we are complete amateurs and we don't recommend anyone doing most of the home repair we pull off. They are mainly shared for entertainment only. However, some of you may see the jobs we are doing and have them inspire your own form of repair. At the very least, you may just step back in fear and say “Oh no, we won't be trying that.” Or... “What is wrong with those people?!”

Our Home Repair Includes In-ground Pool Repair

We also have an in-ground vinyl liner pool. It holds about 23K gallons of water and at least once a year I threaten to turn it into a fishing pond. In the beginning, when our kids were young, we thought the fact that the house had a pool would be a good thing...something to keep them off the couch. After all these years, it has just been a huge extra job for my husband. It keeps him busy...and off the couch. We have repaired just about every part on the pool ourselves. From liner replacement to sand filter lateral lines and busted return lines....we've worked on it all. Again, we offer these stories to you for your entertainment...and what not to do.

What is Your Neighborhood Like?

Our neighborhood is definitely interesting and somewhat scary. I sometimes share stories from our neighborhood and my husband has more on his SandSquatch Racing YouTube channel. There's never a dull moment around here. My current description of our town and neighborhood is Green Acres meets Northern Exposure meets Breaking Bad. It's all good though....I have a healthy sense of humor to keep me grounded. Plus, some of our DIY house repairs scare our neighbors, so it all works out for us in the end.

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