Grit: What Doesn’t Kill You…

If you are wondering what grit is; well, here is what it means to me.

We’ve all heard that saying: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Well…

HippyDippyGeekyChick is about to wax eloquently or maybe not so eloquently, but wax all the same. Sorry, my literary background just popped up – thanks Mom! Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, waxing….eloquently.

This last year has been a humbling one for me. I am 47 years old but in my mind, I am about 15 years younger. However, at this moment, my body doesn’t concur. I haven’t been taking very good care of myself lately and I’ve paid the price for it. In the last year, I’ve battled with shingles, plantar fasciitis and I wake up with aches and pains…making me walk about like John Wayne in the mornings.

You see, I have a pattern of just mushing through the tough stuff and repairing things on the other side. That was my definition of grit in my youth but I need a different approach now that I’m a little older.

A Massive Stubborn Streak

I was gifted with a massive stubborn streak at birth and without it I wouldn’t be here now. That tenacity got me through school where I fought against learning disabilities that I didn’t know existed. It got me through a car accident that left me a little out of alignment, and a tough divorce. It is who I am and I embrace it but I think I need to give it a little breather. I’ve spent the last ten years imagining that I have been walking across a frozen lake that is beginning to thaw. Now the land is in sight but the ice is giving way at a quick pace. I am not worried about getting to land…in my mind, I can’t fail. But, my stubborn side is pushing me to make it before my feet get wet.

So why is my health looking so poor these days? The same reason the house is trying to self-destruct. Sharkman and I have spent all of our time and money on keeping things running smoothly at our computer shop. The last few years have been a roller coaster or more like that thing at the fair that slings you around really fast in different directions. That was fun as a kid...I hate it now.

In the world of computers we went from the raging fire of sophisticated malware storms to the furnace that was the Windows 10 upgrade. All along, we have watched the corporations drive customers towards a lease mentality vs. an ownership one. This has put a huge dent in the repair community. If you are interested, I have a couple of e-cycling articles and a very important one about the Free to Repair Act over on our website.

Caught With One Foot Off the Merry-go-round

All of these fluctuations in our business model, the economy, life in general, caused me to take my eye off the ball. So, chaos scored a few points when I wasn’t looking. However, I’m back and I’m going to play smarter this time. I am changing my definition of grit and putting my health first.

My scars from my shingles are almost healed and I’ve been treating my plantar fasciitis with some stretches and shoe inserts. As for those aches and pains…I’ve been following some stretches over on Dr. Ben Kim’s YouTube channel. They are miracles! My favorite is the first one on this video for back pain and stiffness. I do this stretch first thing in the morning and it is like being freed from a cage.

So, if any of you feel like you are at your wit’s end and aren’t sure how much more you can take…hang in there but take stock of your situation:

What is very important ~ What is necessary ~ What is just drama

And start peeling the layers of the onion away. For me, it took looking back at where I had come from and realizing that the chaos I was in was just a little thunderstorm and not a F5 tornado (like my ego tricked me into thinking). Start to decide what grit looks like to you.

At The Edge of Sanity, Find Your Grit

One more shout out…this thought adventure was brought on by an incredible article I read yesterday by Mark Schaefer titled My Journey to the Edge of Sanity and Back. It helped me remember that there are a lot more people out there that succeed rather than give up. Sometimes the process is messy but… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Go find your grit and embrace it!

This article was originally posted 7/27/16 on my previous blog. 

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