Planning Our Fall Camping Trip

We are finally preparing for our fall camping trip. It has actually been a year since our last campout. It's been too long! This trip is actually a split purpose trip: camping and sand rails. Sharkman is taking SandSquatch out to Little Sahara for its first run since it cratered last fall. We are actually making this trip with bare essentials because we haven't had time to replace a lot of our missing or broken stuff.

There will be five of us on this fall camping trip: Sharkman and me and three of our brood: Hotrod, Blade Hunter, and Gameboy. So, we will be taking three tents.

Sharkman and I share a six man Magellan tent. Yes, this is really big but it has come in handy over the years. We originally bought it because the price was so phenomenal. However, one spring trip had me, Sharkman, Sherlock, Gameboy, and Sasha (our pitbull) all riding through a brutal Oklahoma spring storm where the temperature drops 30 or 40 degrees in hours. The kids had been sleeping in their own tents but we made them move to ours when the wind and rain picked up to gale force. We all stayed cozy inside with our portable heater.

Hotrod will have her own two man tent on this trip and Blade Hunter and Gameboy will share the other two man tent. We are in the process of replacing our air mattresses (only have one good one left) with sleeping mats. We haven't decided which ones to go with so we won't be able to place our order in time for this trip. I'll let you know what we end up with later and do a review on it.

Fall Camping Trip Food – Sort Of

Also, since this is technically a “dunes trip” for us, we are only taking very basic (and not so healthy) dunes food. That consists of: brats, breakfast sausage links, tortillas, chips, gatorade, water, and beer. However, I am planning to sneak in some oranges because my body doesn't run well on a lot of that high-octane food.

Yes, some of you are cringing right now but our dunes trips are different from our regular camping adventures. We will have video of our trip over on the SandSquatchRacing YouTube channel after we get back. Plus, we will try to Instagram some of the trip; however, the signal out there tends to be dodgy.

So, T-7 days until we head for Little Sahara. If any of you are in the area, drop by Little Sahara and say “Hi.”

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