Easy Sewing Alterations For Practice

Do you have some easy sewing alterations that are demanding attention but you aren't sure if you are up to the job? Here's the thing....if the clothing in question is already damaged, what's the harm in trying the alteration yourself? If you mess up, you've lost nothing. If you succeed, you will have learned something new and your trust in your own abilities will improve.

I have been sewing for twenty years and I am completely self-taught. Most of my learning has come from deconstructing old, worn-out pieces of clothing and creating something new. Easy sewing alterations are great for practice...and if you start with pieces that you would have thrown away anyway, there is nothing to loose if you mess up.

Easy Sewing Alterations: Fur Hoodie

My daughter recently asked me to fix the faux fur trim on her hoodie (ok, it was actually about a year ago) which had been damaged in a hot dryer. I had some faux fur left over from a coat project last year, so I decided to try replacing the fur. My daughter said she was fine if I didn't succeed, so with that assurance, I forged ahead with the repair.

The entire repair took about three or four hours and was a success.

--> I basically removed the seam that connected the hood lining to the jacket.

--> After turning the hood and its lining inside out, I began removing the seam connecting the damaged trim to the hood.

--> I used the fur trim that I removed from the jacket as my pattern piece for cutting out a new piece of faux fur.

--> From that point, I sewed the new trim piece into the hood and lining.

--> Once the fur trim was in place, I turned the hood right-side-out again and replaced the seam that connected the hood's lining to the rest of the jacket. 

The whole process was easy and painless. No, really, it was painless! I usually draw blood while I'm sewing or cooking...I'm just graceful like that.

I have a short video on my new HippyDippyGeekyChick Channel that explains a little more about the process I took with the repair. Since the video was an afterthought, I didn't have the camera running while I was doing the repair but it shows the entrance/exit seam that I chose for the alteration.

So, this was my latest of my easy sewing alterations but I have many more. Next, I will repost my easy blue jeans fix for anyone who is interested. Until then, go find something to repair or create!

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