How to Detoxify Using Your Lymphatic System

Are you needing an easy way to detoxify? Then look no further. The lymphatic system is often ignored but it is your body's greatest ally against illness and aging. Many aches and pains that people are dealing with today are due to the fact that their lymphatic system is either overloaded or shut down all together. Your LS is the trash collector of your body. When it is working, all is well. You have energy, you feel good both physically and mentally. You have bluebirds sing to you as you step outside your home in the morning. OK, maybe not the bluebirds but trust me: get your LS in shape and you will feel like a new person.

In a nutshell, this is how your lymphatic system works:

You have lymph nodes stationed all over your body. As your cells process toxic materials that are delivered to your body by the environment, the things you eat and the products you use; they dump the toxins out of their cell structure into the lymph fluid that travels through your body. The lymph fluid delivers these toxins to the nodes wherein the toxins can be harmlessly processed and eliminated from the body. Now picture a sewage system that is backed up - everything sits where it is and putrefies creating new, more dangerous substances in your body.

How Can You Jump Start Your LS?

Detoxify using a good diuretic-style tea. I've used Laci Le Beau's Super Dieter's Tea in the past when I needed a gentle herbal detox. She includes Senna in her products which stimulates digestive regularity. You will need to follow the instructions closely and use for 10 days or less. Also, adopt a healthy diet and stay away from fast food (there is a suggested guideline included in the package). You don’t want to dump new toxins in where you just evacuated them. What would be the point in that?

Move - Start walking or rebounding (mini trampoline work) at least 20 minutes a day. If you can't exercise every day, at least try to do 20 minutes of activity 4 times a week. You will find that your body will begin to crave the activity and you will probably expand your exercise time or branch out into new types of exercise. You don’t have to join a gym for this. Go get that gallon of milk out of the fridge and lift it with each arm 10 times.

Sleep - Follow a structured sleep pattern. You should be able to wake without an alarm. Trust me this works, I wake up at 6:05 every morning without an alarm. By waking up naturally, you allow your body to gently come out of REM sleep. When you use an alarm, it jars your senses and rattles your nerves first thing in the morning. Not a great way to start the day. Sleep inertia is common these days and it leaves people feeling groggy and disoriented. Also, no sleeping with the TV on and no food right before bed. Both of those things are like trying to run your car's engine on molasses.

Want to Detoxify? No Crazy Diets Here!

Your lymphatic system doesn't include a pump and lymph fluid isn't traveling along with your blood through your heart. Your lymph fluid is transported through your body by peristalsis which is movement provided by the smooth muscles in your body (intestines, esophagus, etc) and compression of the lymphatic vessels by skeletal muscles. (Think of wringing out a sponge.) 

Your lymphatic system has to work against gravity and this is why a sedentary lifestyle creates illness. Deep breathing techniques work well to detoxify and get the lymph fluid moving. You can also do simple movements like twisting at the waist or making circles with your outstretched arms.

Once you begin to detoxify your system, you should start to feel improvement within a week or two. You will begin to loose inflammation in the body which will ease aches and pains and you will notice your clothes becoming a little looser as your body sheds fluid.

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