Do You Want to Decode Stress and Decipher Your Life?

I know, you're wondering what I mean by decode stress, well... Have you been feeling wiped out lately? Maybe you've been thinking that it is just that time of year...

  • shorter days,
  • less daylight,
  • increased cravings of rich food,
  • wanting to sleep more,
  • dreading the alarm clock,
  • not wanting to go to work,
  • just basically thinking that if you could have a week, or better yet, a month off from work to regenerate your vitality know the drill.

We all hit that wall in life – when we just don't have much “get up and go” left. We want change in a big way but don't know how to get it.

We tell ourselves the same things:

  • If I just had more money.
  • If I were just in better shape.
  • If I were a little younger or older.
  • If I didn't have so many responsibilities.

And the list goes on...

First Secret to Decode Stress

Your feelings of being in a rut may be fairly easy to change. Once you change your way of thinking, feeling, and doing, all of those “If's” that you have tormented yourself with will fall into place.

What do you need to accomplish this escape from lethargy?

Your rate of success is dependent on:

  • Your motivation (There is no try, only do),
  • Your ability to get back up every time you fall,
  • And your willingness to “let go” of those things that are weighing you down*

*These can be outdated ways of thinking (But, I've always done it this way.)

Or, self-limiting thoughts (Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.")

Bad nutrition ~ No, I didn't say diet,

Lack of physical activity ~ No, I didn't say exercise.

I have helped many, many people in the past, reclaim their lives and their happiness just by showing them the pitfalls they have unknowingly stepped into.

There have also been times when I had to debug my own bad code which sneaked into my life program. I'm here to tell you, you can regain your happiness, vitality, and physical ability just by clearing out the mess and I want to help. 

This year, I will be building a community of people from all walks of life who are just like you and me...they need to decode stress and decipher their life. I will be sending out updates on this program as soon as possible but in the meantime, I will start sharing some life hacks that will help you unlock the cages you have found yourselves in.

Until then, hang on to your Light Discs (a little Tron trivia, there) and I will be back soon.

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