Computer Science Classes: The Geeky Side of Hippy Dippy Geeky Chick

I’ve been working hard on a series of computer science online courses, in the midst of our numerous house repairs and website building. These are an online version of the courses I’ve provided at our computer shop in the past.

Many people get confused about what computer science is. Traditional CS classes are taught with paper and pencils. Currently there is a lot in the media about coding classes. While coding classes are important there is a lot more to  be learned. Learning coding  by itself is similar to only learning a foreign language. Learning CS along with coding is full immersion…similar to learning the French language while immersed in the French culture by living in country.

Here is what you can expect in the Computer Science classes I offer:

Levels One through Three are now open for enrolment. Level Four will be released soon. There will be a total of about seven levels in this Basics of CS course. Once those modules are all uploaded, I will move on to my Ubuntu and Linux series.

If you know of anyone who has an interest in computer science or is wanting to study CS in college or at a vo-tech, these courses will provide a great foundation. Also, anyone who homeschools, can use these courses as either STEM, science, or foreign language credits. FYI: Most states now accept computer science as a foreign language credit. Check your state’s guidelines for more information on using CS courses as foreign language credit.

Level One of this CS course covers introductory topics like:

  • What CS is and isn’t
  • Occupational outlook for CS jobs
  • The history of computers
  • Introduction to electronic components & laws of electricity
  • The basic parts of a computer (hardware)
  • Using computers for communication (brief look at networking)

Level Two is going more in depth into things like:

  • Electricity
  • Circuitry
  • Binary
  • Introduction to Boolean logic

Level Three covers:

  • Data compression
  • Images and pixels (and an explanation of how LCD works)
  • Octal
  • Hexadecimal

If you head over to either my course information page or our shop’s website, you will find more information on the class plus some free material. I will post information on this website about future class offerings or you can sign up for my email alerts at the top of this page.

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