Camping Culture

Are you looking for vacation ideas? The new camping culture may be just the answer. Of all the vacations I’ve taken in my life, many of my favorites were camping trips. Growing up, my family only had the time and money for three big ticket vacations. The  rest of our vacations were spent camping out. I have great memories of “manifold meals” my dad cooked while we waited in line for the ferry to take us to our camping site. Once I had a family of my own, we continued the tradition of camping.

The last 10 years have been economically tight for many people. However, just because we don’t have a large disposable income, doesn’t mean we can’t have great vacations. There are many different forms of camping that range from primitive to RV camping. Some enjoy the traditional form of camping that involves campfire cooking and lanterns. Others practice a form of gadget camping that includes things like LED lamps, solar chargers, and tablets.

Camping Culture in its Many Forms

On this site, I will be covering many different types of camping. My family will share our trips and the pros and cons we experience with each type of camping. The one exception being RV camping; however, I will include the experiences of friends who regularly camp with RVs. I will also cover the different camp sites available. While state and national parks are popular camping culture destinations, there are many great private campgrounds available like KOA campgrounds.

A form of camping that is very popular with millennials right now is on-the-go or trunk camping. This form of camping culture involves keeping a pack with camping essentials in the car ready for 5pm Friday. These campers leave directly from work and spend the weekend camping or hiking at a nearby park. I will cover the essentials for those who would like to try this type of camping.

One of the quickest ways to decompress from the pressures of modern society, is to escape to a quiet campsite. Plus, you have the option of taking some technology with you or choosing to completely unplug. No judging here. My family enjoys both types of camping. Depending on how busy we have been, we choose sometimes to just go camp by the lake and enjoy the scenery. Other times, we might take a laptop or opt for a camping stove over a campfire. Camping is the most versatile type of vacation and it is available to people from all walks of life. Whether you are a seasoned camper or are new to the idea and are wondering if it is something you can do, drop by regularly for my articles and reviews.

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