My Demon Bathtub Drain Stopper

Today’s moment of Zen was brought to me by my demon bathtub drain stopper. This seemingly harmless metal flap that sits below the faucet is the only one I know of that spontaneously flips up and closes the drain. Most people with stopper problems deal with the reverse; a stopper that won’t stay closed. Apparently this one knows that we are shower people, not bath people, so it chooses to flip itself up.

Therefore, in order to keep the water draining during my shower I had to balance on one foot, using my big toe to hold the lever down, eyes shut, while rinsing my hair. Instead of getting mad, I made myself think of things I was grateful for and tried to do my best at keeping my cortisol level low. I also decided I could chalk the balancing routine up to my exercise quota for the day. Problem solved!

Possums in the Bathtub!

Since it looks like it is going to rain all weekend and most of next week…the pit work is on hold for now. I am really tired of El Nino! As far as I’m concerned, he can take his toys and go home! Sorry, digressing again. Taking the cortisol level down another notch…. Anyway, since it will be raining this weekend, Sharkboy, oops! He has asked me to call him Sharkman. I thought that “boy” would shave some years off but he wants to be a man. So, Sharkman will probably try tearing the drain stopper out of the bathtub and we will just replace it with a good, old-fashioned, manual, rubber stopper. They never fail!

He will have to go through the wall to do this fun repair so he is going to see what he can do to fix the open space below the bathtub that the people who built this addition left behind. Yes, the floor below the tub does not meet the outer wall. There is a triangle of space (because what house is actually square?) at the far end of the tub. Apparently it is wide enough for a possum to crawl through in the winter months. Oh, joy!

Will the fun never end?

I am off to gather my flea killing arsenal. Since we didn’t have a winter this year and the spring has has been cool and damp, our bug population is thriving. The dogs and cats are starting to scratch a little more. I think they try hide it from me because they know I will spray them down with stinky concoctions from my herb cabinet.

Look for things to be thankful for and stay in your Zen Zone today! Happy Friday!

This post was originally posted 5/13/16 on my previous blog.

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