Geek Culture on the Hippy Side

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Hi! Welcome to the Hippy Dippy Geeky Chick site. This is THE place for geek culture on the hippy side. When I began my blog in 2014, it was more of an outlet for me to stay grounded despite the chaos around me. Living in a house that is 70 years old and apparently has some additions that weren’t exactly built to code, brings its own challenges. Add to that the fact that my husband and I are self-employed and have a brick and mortar business to attend to along with our family. That is like supporting two households at once. We knew the epic challenge we were up against when we started this journey over 8 years ago. We both came from entrepreneurial families, so we knew the amount of sacrifice that is attached to being self-employed.

My life is hectic….who’s isn’t, right? In order to keep my sanity and sense of humor, I find workarounds for my life. I’ve been accused many times of MacGyver-ing my way out of a problem. I also work hard to make sure I can always achieve my own kind of geeky Zen.

What You Will Find on This Site

I cover topics including camping culture, homeschooling, general geeky Zen topics, and many more. I’ve decided to share my adventures with anyone willing to follow me down the rabbit hole. I will share my wins and fails in this 8+ year experiment with finding Zen while being budget impaired. If any of this helps any of you, I will feel honored that I was able to relieve someone else’s pain. If this site doesn’t necessarily help but it does end up entertaining you…well, I’ll mark that as a win, too.

What is Camping Culture?

What is camping culture? Well, let me go back to my childhood...ah, the 1970’s….from 1973 to 1979 our country was in the throes of stagflation and the energy crisis. I spent many hours sitting with my parents in our car waiting to fill up at the pump. Sometimes, the lines wrapped around city blocks. Families across the country were feeling a definite pinch on their budgets and struggled to make ends meet. In those days of lack my family, like many others, chose to use camping as a way to escape from it all. Large families who couldn’t afford vacations to Disneyland or even be able to spend a weekend at a hotel with a pool in a neighboring city, found that they could escape the city and spend the weekend at a state park or the beach or lake and their only expense would be for camping gear and food.

Flash forward 40 (ouch) years… our country is again in the throes of economic distress however, now the gas is really cheap and there aren’t any lines, but many families still can’t afford that vacation to Disneyland. They can, however, afford some basic camping  gear and food and escape the city for a weekend.

Helping my husband prepare for his sand dunes trips over the years, we have a large combined experience when it comes to camping. We also really enjoy camping. I plan to share our camping experiences, tips, and ideas so maybe others will try their own camping adventures. Being out in nature really helps me find my Zen. Hopefully, I can help others find theirs, too.

Living in a Geek Culture

Some of you may want to comment about the Bohemian home repair jobs that we do in a pinch. That is fine but…Please understand, if we had the money and time to do these repairs better, we would. However, when I show you some of the house repairs that we have done or are doing…just remember…this is triage not custom building.

I also will share our homemade first-aid advice but, understand this advice will not be meant to replace professional medical advice. Plus I will let you know what I’ve been doing lately in my search for exercise on the cheap. (That can be pretty entertaining also) My menus and recipes…well, all I can say is good luck. Everyone has their own tastes so feel free to adjust those as you wish.

Since we also homeschool, I will share my tips and experiences with anyone who is interested. Right now I am homeschooling my 14 year old son. His sister graduated in 2015 and is now at college. We’ve been through parent taught driver’s ed and scholarship hunting along with many other daunting tasks, so feel free to ask me anything.

Who is This Site For?

Anyone who is looking for some geek culture and fellowship with a hippy flair. Are you trying to find a way to keep your sanity and identity in a world full of white noise? I’m your Huckleberry! Drop by often and see what is transpiring at Jabberwocky Central (my loving knickname for my home) or see what our latest camping adventure has been. We are stronger together and may even develop super powers we didn’t even know we had. You understand that I’m a geek, right?